The Olisas Joint Birthday Party

Band EnRoute‘s performance at the Olisas joint birthday party was more than just a gig to me. It was personal and for family.

The Bible says ‘honor thy parents…’ (father and mother actually), but doesn’t say how. So, the children of Francis and Eunice Olisa decided to do this by throwing their parents a birthday party. The celebrants turned 80 and 77 respectively.

I have known the Olisas for over twenty years so when Sophia got me involved in the planning of the event, I was excited at the prospect.

My responsibilities were …

  • Prepare Band EnRoute for a mind-blowing performance.
  • Help get other credible events vendors involved.

Some of the vendors I got together for this event are …

So after making sure everything was set, I stepped out for a while. When I stepped back in, people were laughing and almost falling off their seats. One particular guy was laughing so hard, he had to hold a canopy pillar for support. In my head I was thinking, What on earth is MC Pompy saying to these people? That’s how funny this MC can be.

Needless to say, the music was spectacular. The look of pure and undiluted joy of celebration in the eyes of the celebrants, the vigor with which guests took to the dance floor, and the fact that some guests began to send song requests to the band (a testimony to our versatility) made my day.


This event is personal to me. Sophia (one of the celebrants’ children), is a Canadian-based musical artiste who goes by the stage name ‘Adaeze’. She is a friend turned client as we both began our musical journey together in Mike Okri’s band, years ago.

She recently had her Lagos unveiling performance at Freedom Park Lagos with Band EnRoute.

Band EnRoute is a professional high-energy music band put together by Isaac Otokpa. If you need top-notch and impeccably delivered music entertainment for your social or corporate event, Band EnRoute is the band to book!

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I am a Live Band Professional and also an Events Music Planner. All I need is your brief and Band EnRoute will deliver music entertainment tailor-made for you.

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